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Electric forklifts

A range of AC powered electric forklifts adheres to our product ethos of simple versatility and value for money. Productive and manoeuvrable, the electrics offer the latest Active Control Technology and Operator Sensing for added safety and performance.

Features: Oil Cooled Disc Brakes, 2 year warranty, Integral Sideshift, Clear Visibility, Anti-Roll Back, Mast Lock, Regenerative Braking, Active Control Technology.

electric forklifts 3 Wheel

1.3-1.6 ton

1.5-2.0 ton

electric forklift Doosan B13R-5 electric forklift Doosan B20T-7
B13/15/16R-5 B15/18/20T-7

electric forklifts 4 Wheel

1.6-2.0 ton

2.2-3.5 ton

4.0-5.0 ton

electric forklift Doosan B20X-7 electric forklift Doosan B25X-7 electric forklift Doosan B40X-5
 B16/18/20X-7 B22/25/30/35X-7 B40/45/50X-5

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