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Doosan Group

  • Founded in 1896
  • Employs over 38,500 people in 33 different countries
  • Annual revenues in excess of US$21.6-billion, making it one of the largest corporations in Korea.

Doosan’s strength has come from its vast array of products and services ranging from power generation and desalination to major construction projects, engines, military equipment and construction equipment. Our recent highlights include:

  • Ranked 471 in the Fortune 500 Global Companies
  • Acquired Bobcat business from Ingersoll Rand for $4.9-billion in 2008
  • Acquired turbine manufacturer Skoda Power in December 2009
  • Currently involved in major R&D projects across the globe, covering nuclear power, offshore wind farms, fuel cells & clean coal

DoosanGroupDoosan’s main businesses are split into 6 subsidiaries including Doosan Corporation, Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan Infracore, Doosan Construction, Doosan Engines and Doosan Mecatec.

As well as building high rise luxury apartments, major highways and power generation, Doosan also boasts its own 5-star Ladena hotel resort and golf complex, a global advertising agency and a Professional baseball team – the Doosan Bears.

Our impressive headquarters in the South Korean capital city, Seoul, the Doosan tower is one of the most well known landmarks, welcoming over 100,000 visitors per day and housing almost 600 shops over 8 floors, is extremely popular with the fashion shoppers.

The values and philosophy that drive our growth

The Doosan Way is our unique way of doing business that has sustained Doosan for more than ten decades, and has given us a competitive edge for the future. As a values-based management system, it guides us as we set goals and make strategic decisions, and as we work to reach our company’s aspirations and fulfill our vision.
Doosan Credo
The Doosan Credo is about the values that the people of Doosan demonstrate everywhere we operate, every day. The Doosan Credo is at the heart of the Doosan Way: its values guide the way we do business, the way we treat each other, and the way we work with all of our stakeholders.
The Doosan Credo focuses on our responsibilities to people, business and society. We are confident that by fostering talented people, honesty, transparent business management, and ceaseless innovation, that we will become a “Proud Global Doosan.”


1968 Forklift production begins
1978 First export of forklifts
1993 Euro Daewoo sales operation established (Belgium)
American UL and Europe CE mark approved
Forklift sales break 100,000 unit barrier
1993 Established own overseas sales network with own brand
1998 Released the Dash 3 series of forklifts, called “G5 series”
1999 Doosan’s overseas network extends to 87 countries
2007 Pro-5 series launched

Acquired the Warehouse equipment company “ATL”, now Doosan Logistics Europe (DLE)

2011 Established Doosan Industrial Vehicle (spin off from Doosan Infracore)
2012 Launched European style Reach Truck -BR14/16JW-7
2014 Launched 7-Series diesel forklifts with Doosan G2 engine
2015 Launched 7-Series electric forklifts


Doosan Industrial Vehicle Europe

  • 3  Subsidiaries : DIVEU, DIVUK and DLEdiveu
  • DIVEU includes 3 Direct branches;  Germany, France and Italy
  • Plus 15 National distributors
  • Located in Sint – Niklaas, close to the Antwerp Port
  • HQ for sales, after sales, PDI and spare parts operations
  • Support for main markets France, Italy, Germany and UK
  • Central location for spare parts business to both Eastern and Western Europe
  • Moved to Sint Niklaas in 2007

DIVEU, Doosan’s European Headquarters for the Forklifts business, was established in 1993 and joined the premises of Doosan Infracore’s Construction Equipment Division in Frameries where the manufacturing of construction equipment machines started from 1982.

Rapid Growth: From 1993 to 1998 DIVEU’s Forklift division contracted national dealers in all Western European countries until 100% coverage was reached.

As a result the forklift division grew rapidly to become one of the major players in the market.

DIVEU’s advantages today

Accept-icon-small Link between factory in Korea and national dealers in Europe
Accept-icon-small Quick response time from central location in Europe
Accept-icon-small Quick delivery of pre-delivery inspected trucks
Accept-icon-small Quick communication with local Western European dealers
Accept-icon-small Better knowledge of competition’s activities (promotions, pricing)
Accept-icon-small Better knowledge of specific requirements for European market

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