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Doosan moves: Young players look back on a successful season

In the past sports year, the forklift division of Doosan, a South Korean company was able to support numerous soccer-loving children between the ages of nine and ten in practising their favourite sport. In Essen, Germany’s sixth-largest city with almost 600,000 inhabitants, the conglomerate is sponsoring a young team of youngsters through targeted jersey sponsoring. The E-Youth of the SGS Essen-Schönebeck (SGS) is a very talented team and can look back on a very successful season. In almost 40 matches in 2018, the team almost always managed to leave the field as the winner. In 2018 the young players were unbeaten. The players scored unbelievable 355 goals and attracted attention with a positive appearance on and off the pitch.

ESSEN/ SEOUL. Soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. More than 7 million members are active in almost 25,000 clubs. Up to 20 children are active in the SGS E team alone. The majority of girls and boys have been playing together for several years and are a conspiratorial community – on and off the soccer pitch. The soccer passion of the coaching team is passed on to the young athletes, who hardly miss a training session and always present other teams with major problems at the weekend. “The children have undergone an enormously positive development. The steps from the first joint training until the end of the 2017/18 season are impressive,” said the coaching team unanimously. The young football players scored more than 350 goals in 38 matches.

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But the trainer team is also impressed by other things: “The fun of sport is clearly in the foreground. There is no bad word between the children about each other. Such a community is unique and rare”.

But not only on the field are the SGS kids a team, the team also appears in the external image as a unit. On the pitch, the players proudly present the Doosan logo on the chest of their jersey.

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The company is also present with a company logo on tracksuits. The manufacturer of industrial trucks can look forward to a wide distribution of its brand due to many away games on foreign courts as well as the participation in numerous tournaments in the Ruhr region (more than 5.1 million inhabitants) and beyond. By reaching the final of the “Emscher Cup 2018” as well as by the children running in together at the games of the local soccer regionalist Rot-Weiß Essen (in front of more than 12,000 spectators), the conglomerate was able to establish further contacts in Germany’s largest federal state and thus further increase its profile.

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The boys and girls of the SGS will continue to develop their sports skills in the new season that is now beginning. Even the participation in an international tournament in the Netherlands is planned. A great event for the children and certainly an absolute highlight of the season, which they would like to continue undefeated for as long as possible.

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