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Doosan reveals state of the art lithium-ion forklift

Doosan Industrial Vehicle celebrated the 50th anniversary last week in the headquarters in Korea with the reveal of new products and technologies.

One of them is a new high-tech forklift, running on lithium-ion batteries. Thanks to this new power source the B25S-7 Series will run two to three times longer than with the existing lead-acid battery with a 33% shorter charging time. The state of the art truck is easy and eco-friendly in maintenance and management and guarantees high productivity at a temperature as low as 40 degrees below zero. Forklifts on lithium-ion batteries will also be enrolled in the European market, but this is still under development.

Apart from this innovation, Doosan Industrial Vehicle also introduced a new telematics solution, Lin-Q, for management of forklifts. The system transmits data about maintenance and operation in real time to allow its users to remotely monitor the equipment. Later this year, Doosan is planning to release an artificial intelligence-base smart mode application that analyses the engine data of machines to automatically adjust the power to the environment. Doosan is investigating how to implement these technologies on the European market.

“Doosan Corporation Industrial Vehicle as an industry leader will expand the business to rental, service, logistics and management sectors to provide a total solution for logistics,” said Dong Hyun-Soo, the vice chairman of Doosan Corp.




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