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New electric Doosan forklifts at Alha Airport MXP – Malpensa

Last October, an interesting delivery has taken place at Malpensa airport, with the central role being played by Doosan branded forklifts.

CAR.S LOGISTIC, one of the DOOSAN dealers, has delivered several new forklifts to ALHA, a cargo handling company that manages the airport logistic.

Together with the representatives of CAR.S LOGISTIC, DOOSAN and ALHA; the delivery event was also attended by Masi Communication who did not miss the opportunity to ask some questions in order to investigate these profitable alliances born in the forklift world.


Filippo Marchio Titolare Car.S Logistic,
Giuseppe Acampora Facility Manager Alha,
Pietro Durazzini Country Manager Italia,
Alessandro Cappella General Manager Alha,
Fabio Perugini Purchase Manager Alha


CarS Logistic – Alha – Doosan

DOOSAN Interview

What characterizes DOOSAN forklifts and differentiates them from other offers on the market?

(Answer by Pietro Durazzini, Country Manager Italia).

Our products are the result of the perfect sinergy between the strengths of Doosan and Daewoo, an evolution that has lasted for 20 years, since our brand has acquired the latter. Daewoo has always produced strong and reliable trucks, with low running costs and highly competitive prices. To the above Doosan has been able to add, with important investments, more attention to ergonomics and functionality, renewing the entire range also with an attractive design that doesn’t go unnoticed. Not so many other competitors have such a complete and balanced offer.


Doosan B18T-7

What is your role when your dealers, as in this case, make a special relationship with a specific customer?

(Answer by Pietro Durazzini, Country Manager Italia)

Our Italian organization allows us to be extremely flexible and timely. Given these peculiarities, we are able to support the dealers from the very early stages of the negotiation and advise them finding the best solutions and customizations with high added value for their customers. And in our market, where there is more and more attention to the search for solutions and not just the price, this approach is rewarding. Of course, without the close collaboration and transparency of dealers like, as in this case Car.S Logistic, highly professional and flexible, we would not succeed in obtaining the desired results.


Filippo Marchio Titolare Car.S Logistic, Pietro Durazzini Country Manager Italia, Marco Bragotto Marketing
Manager Italia

Which models of your range are working in Malpensa?

(Anser by Marco Bragotto, Marketing Manager Italia)

The forklifts delivered today are all three wheels electric 1.8 ton, model B18T-7. The Doosan 7 series, recently introduced on the market, is the result of huge investments that have seen the whole range of electric and IC counterbalanced forklift trucks renewed. The set-up chosen by Alha includes fingertip hydraulic controls (RedDot Product Design 2016 Award), for maximum comfort and precision of use. In the event of a future increase in the working cycle, all the machines have been set up with the fast lateral battery exchange system.

Doosan has joined Car.S Logistic in the initial phase of the negotiation also from the technical point of view: a forklift similar to those just delivered has been working in Alha for almost a year, so as to be able to understand the needs and preferences of the operators and the real working cycle. Thanks to this long preliminary work, the forklifts just put in service have been customized for the specific peculiarities of the reality in which they operate.

Some other Doosan machines (counterbalanced and warehouse trucks), belong to the “Doosan fleet” at Alha while in the coming weeks a large truck (18 ton diesel DV180S-7) is expected to be delivered.


Doosan B18T-7

CAR.S LOGISTIC interview

How to become an official supplier of forklifts in such a complex and demanding environment as Malpensa’s logistics, a worldwide central airport hub?

(Answer by Filippo Marchio, Car.S Logistic Owner)

Becoming a supplier of companies in various product sectors today is increasingly complex and expensive especially because timing, needs and expectations are pressing, requiring efforts that are sometimes enormous.

A small, lean and versatile organization like ours can be effective when it highlights listening, that is grasping, with interest, through this precious approach, what is “sent” to us by our interlocutor, transforming it into ideas that can solve old problems. and new problems in a quick and effective way.

Over the years, with the experience gained, we considered it essential to include in our offer new services related to the world of goods handling and warehouse organization, aimed at carrying out our work in an increasingly complete and professional manner.

Even more in a logistics reality like Malpensa where we compare since 2004 with competitors of the highest rank.


Malpensa Cargo

What services do you offer to your customers?

(Answer by Mauro Mischiatti, Car.S Logistic Sales Manager)

I would like to start talking about what we consider fundamental: after sales! The quality of our service is of primary importance in order to be well considered by who are thinking about having ourselves as a supplier, or to confirm the good work done to those who have given us their trust for many years. In addition to servicing forklifts, both counterbalanced and warehouse machines, we deal with sweepers, scrubbers, vertical presses for packaging recyclable materials, the latter topic so actual nowadays. We also collaborate with an industrial shelving manufacturer to give an even more complete logistic offer. We sell new and refurbished machines and offer full service solutions on everything we have mentioned.


Doosan B18T-7

Tell us about the relationship with DOOSAN …

(Answer by Filippo Marchio, Car.S Logistic Owner)

It’s a little bit more than two years of walking together and I think, for both, to be able to say that the growth that has taken place has been pleasant but above all unexpected. Our company certainly needed a serious and professional partner and we immediately enjoyed it on the field. The entire Doosan Italia team, led by the Country Manager, Pietro Durazzini, immediately put itself at our disposal to grow at a technical and commercial level, supporting us in every way. There are all the conditions to work together in a way effective and stimulating for both.

Intervista ad ALHA

ALHA Interview

(Answer by Alessandro Cappella, Alha General Manager)

Alha is a leading Italian company in the Air Cargo sector: founded in Florence in 1962, it celebrated this year its twentieth anniversary of activities at Malpensa.

At Milan Malpensa and Rome Fiumicino there are the two main airport cargo terminals: in the Milan airport Alha offers cargo handling services and, from October 2017, also ramp handling services.

The head office and the main offline hub are located in Prato, at the Interporto della Toscana Centrale; the Alha group also has a further 10 operating units in Italy, connected daily to the main Italian and European airports through a large road transport network.


Team Alha

What made you choose CAR.S LOGISTIC as a partner?

(Answer by Giuseppe Acampora, Alha Facility Manager and Fabio Perugini,  Alha Purchase Manager)

Car.S Logistic is a long-term partner, our supplier for over 20 years, to whom we feel we can recognize competence, seriousness and reliability.

How will the partnership with CAR.S LOGISTIC continue? What goals for the near future?

(Answer by Giuseppe Acampora, Alha Facility Manager and Fabio Perugini,  Alha Purchase Manager)

For the future we expect a further renewal of the machine fleet, with a view to continuous improvement, attention to safety and constant search for high efficient solutions.

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