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Electric forklifts – 4 wheel 4 to 5t – Pro-5 Series



Auto Tilt Leveling (optional)

Easily returns mast to upright vertical position with simply pushing the button.

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Finger-tip Controlled Hydraulic Control Valve (optional)

Permits precisely controlled load movement by literally lifting only a finger to significantly reduce operator movement and expended effort.


Deluxe Suspension Seat with OSS (optional)

A comfortable deluxe suspension seat with OSS (operator sensing system), a large seatback angle, longer seat travel length and operator’s weight resistance on front side allow multiple adjustments for optimum seating comfort.

convenience tray

Convenience Tray

Easily handles refreshments, paperwork, small tools and etc. for operator efficiency.

operator compartment

Spacious Operator compartment

Wide open leg room, stepless tiltable steering column and ergonomically located operator pedals with low cowl height facilitate anti fatigue operating.

high visibility overhead guard

High Visibility Overhead Guard and Front-end

Wider mast window, repositioned hydraulic hoses and flat bar style overhead guard optimize operator sight lines forward, up and to the load.

active control technology

Active Control Technologie

This innovative system provides several productivity advantages:

Active Heat Control: system self protects when overheating detected to correct
temperature imbalance

Active Performance Control: self-adjusts performance criteria to changes in operating conditions

Active Energy Control: maintains consistent performance through 80% of battery charge life

Active Comfort Control: customizes operating parameters to match driver’s style for  increased comfort, confidence & control

instrument panel

Operator-Centric Performance Selection

Operator controls the truck’s performance capability and can optimize
productivity and battery consumption rate to match application requirements.

  • H-mode (High Performance)
  • S-mode (Standard Performance)
  • E-mode (Energy Efficient Performance)
  • Turtle mode (Reduces Travel Speed while maintaining lift speed)

More Work per Battery Charge

Programmable operating functions customize truck performance for energy efficiency to achieve more run time per battery charge.


ITC (Intelligent Torque Control)

Closed-loop feedback system monitors loads on drive and hydraulic motors to maintain speed consistency whether the truck is empty or loaded.

It also provides:

  • Responsive Acceleration
  • Excellent Gradeability
  • Full protection against short /open circuits
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of panel and motors to maximize material handling productivity.

Lift Lock and Tilt Lock Function (ISO 3691)

Lift and tilt function are locked when operator leaves truck or truck is key off condition, which minimize any risks.

Doosan operator sensing system

Operator Sensing System (OSS)

Audible alarm will sound when operator leaves the seat without parking brake applied. Truck is not moving with directional switch in either forward or reverse when operator leaves the truck without parking brake applied (automatically return to neutral position).

parking brake

Parking Brake with Stopper

Prevents parking brake release from external shock.

 anti roll-back

Anti Roll Back & Down

Stop on ramp, anti roll back & down system protects truck’s slip.

 steering angle sensing system

Steering Angle Sensing System

The angle sensing information controls the travel speed at turning operation.
It automatically reduces the travel speed to the optimum speed at the cornering.

 instrument panel

Intelligent Instrument and Control Panels

The combination of LED displays and 7-digit graphic LCD display intelligently provides operators with all the details they need, including operational information, diagnostics, and programmable settings.

The 4 display buttons offers a choice of four power modes; heavy duty, standard duty, economic duty and slow travel speed mode. Standard instrument images are displayed at the right.


Option Standard Optional
Lift and Tilt Locking Hydraulic Control Valve Accept-icon-small
Finger Tip Control Hydraulic Valve Accept-icon-small
Solid Soft Tires Accept-icon-small
Non-Marking Tires Accept-icon-small
Full Suspension Seat – Vinyl Accept-icon-small
Full Suspension Seat with Armrest Accept-icon-small
Modular Operator Cabs Accept-icon-small
Mono-Pedal Direction and Acceleration Control Accept-icon-small
Emergency Switch Accept-icon-small
Cold Storage Package Accept-icon-small
Keyless Ignition Switch Accept-icon-small
Steering Wheel with Knob Accept-icon-small
Two Front and Rear Combination Lights Accept-icon-small
One Rear Flood Light Accept-icon-small
Back-up Alarm Accept-icon-small
Rear Strobe Light Accept-icon-small
Rear View Mirror Accept-icon-small
Integral Sideshifting Fork Positioner Accept-icon-small
Quad Mast Accept-icon-small
Hydraulic Accumulator Accept-icon-small


Models and specifications

Model Unit  B40X-5 B45X-5 B50X-5
Rated Load Capacity kg 4000 4500 5000
Load Center mm  500 500 500
Overall Length to Fork Face mm 3062 3062 3092
Truck Overall Width mm 1470 1470 1470
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2330 2335 2335
Minimum Turning Radius mm 2760 2760 2785
Travel Speed, Loaded km/h 15 15 15
Lifting Speed, Loaded mm/s 350 330 310
Wheel Base mm  2000 2000 2000
Electric Motor
Battery Type DIN43536A DIN43536A DIN43536A
Voltage/Max. Capacity V / Ah 80 / 720 80 / 720 80 / 720


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B50X-5 Brochure_001

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