LPG Forklifts 1.5 to 2.0t

Pro-5 Series

At Doosan, we pride ourselves on our reputation for designing durable, dependable and operator-friendly counterbalance forklifts. Providing a well balanced mix of enhanced technology and proven components, 1,5 to 2t LPG forklifts adheres closely to this ethos.

Our ergonomically designed and spacious operator compartment, combined with a variety of operational enhancements, facilitates easier operation, improving comfort and helping to boost productivity.

Our powerful LPG engine includes a silent chain timing belt that aids in the reduction of noise levels and helps to improve efficiency. An aluminum cylinder block and oil pan also help to reduce noise. Additionally, fuel efficiency is increased thanks to the use of abrasion resistant materials and specially designed ‘beehive type’ valve springs.


Operator Sensing System

Whenever the operator leaves the seat, the truck travel and mast lifting functions will stop.

Lift & Tilt Locking Hydraulic Valve
The hydraulic locking system prevents natural lowering and tilting of the mast, even when the operator leaves the truck unattended.
Seat Belt Interlock
When the operator does not wear his seat belt, the truck will not start. This helps preventing accidents.
Rear Grab Bar with Horn
It enables the operator to sound the horn while maintaining full control. This enhances the comfort and safety.


Convenience Tray

The convenience tray provides excellent storage for paperwork, refreshments, small tools, etc. It was conceived by adopting combinations of new and old favorites.

Tiltable Steering Column

The operator can change the stepless adjustable column and seat to the best position that provides convenience and comfort to fit the individual preferences.

Operator Compartment
The operator compartment creates ample leg room, and has ergonomically positioned operator pedals combined with a low cowl height facilitate ease of operation.
Easily Readable Display

The easily readable, integrated instrument panel provides operators with a clear overview of the truck’s status during operation, simply by navigating the instrument panel.


LED Combination Lights

Brighter and longer lasting than traditional sealed beams or halogen lights.

Auto Tilt Leveling
Returns the mast to the upright vertical position at the push of a button.
Rounded Design Counterweight
The rounded counterweight makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, which enhances the productivity.
Fuel Efficient Engines
The 2.4 Litre LPG Engine (HMC) has increased fuel efficiency and the noise level is reduced.


Oil-cooled Disc Brakes

The oil-cooled disc brake system is totally enclosed, for maximum protection against contamination. This maintenance free system ensures maximum uptime, less damage, and zero cost for you.

Full Floating Drive Axle
A solid one-piece cast iron housing ensures axle components are closely aligned, whilst the high tensile alloy steel shaft extends axle life and allows high torque to be transmitted to the drive wheels.
Hydrostatic Steering System
The fully hydrostatic steering is designed to operate in contaminated  environments and high impact applications. Low effort steering and faster response. Self-aligning taper roller bearings.
Increased Cooling Capacity
The counterweight leaves room for an aluminum radiator. This radiator provides excellent cooling capacity with an improved air flow. This reduces the chance of the engine overheating significantly.


Tool-Less Side Cover

The side cover and footplate can be easily removed, without the need for any tools. This makes servicing easy and fast.

Integrated Electric Components
The Electric components are integrated. Both the fuse and relay boxes are located in front of the engine to facilitate easy maintenance.
Worldwide Service Network
Doosan provides high-quality support, relying on our extensive dealer network. Highly-skilled professionals are always ready to help you.
Doosan Genuine Parts
The parts warehouse, supplies high quality Doosan parts to your local dealer. Doosan Genuine Parts perfectly fit your truck.

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