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LPG forklifts 6 to 7t – 7-Series



Swing out and down LPG Cradle – Single / Dual

Standard swing out and down LPG cradle frees the LPG tank
from over the counterweight and lowers the tank on a stable
platform to minimize arm and back strain for even simplifies
tank installation and removal.

Doosan G70S-7     

Full Floating Driveaxle

Strong one-piece cast housing keeps axle components aligned.
High tensile strength alloy steel axle shafts extends axle lift while
splined side gear and drive wheel hub gears transmit high torque
to the drive wheels.


New Air Cleaner

A large capacity and dual elements air cleaner makes the new
Doosan 7 Series more durable.


Instrument Panel

Engine coolant temperature, transmission oil temperature, speedometer,
fuel level gauge and hour meter keeps the operator aware of the machine’s
working conditions. Engine oil pressure, alternator voltage, water separator
gauge and pre-heater illuminates to alert operator to any problem.


Easy to access

  • Integrated Electrical Components.
  • Wide hood opening range for best accessibility.
  • Great location of fuel filter for serviceability.

Anti-Slip Step Plate

Increase safety when operator enters the forklift, especially in snowy


Locking type gas spring for hood

Improves safety and convenience with locking function.


Premium Seat (optional)

Designed with a low-profile mechanical suspension that significantly reduces
vibrations, it helps you stay comfortable, no matter how rough the day gets.


LED lights (optional)

LED lights give greater visibility in darker conditions
and last much longer than conventional light bulbs.


Spacious Leg Room and Operator Comfort

The neat and wide-open floorboard provides operator with plenty of leg
room to make entry and exit a breeze.


Wide Visibility

Centered seat for better visibility. Wide visibility without distortion.


Convenience Package

Deck mounted control valve levers simplify hydraulic actuation.
Convenience tray keeps paper work and supplies organized and


Various Options

  • Heater
  • Air Conditioner
  • Panoramic Mirror
  • Radio or MP3 Player
  • Rear View Camera


Option Standard Optional


Direction Lever Function Accept-icon-small
Mast Lowering Interlock Accept-icon-small
Operation Sensing System (OSS) Accept-icon-small
ELR Type Orange Seat Belt Accept-icon-small
Autoshift Controller  Accept-icon-small
Anti-Slip Step Plate Accept-icon-small
Combination Lamps (LED) Accept-icon-small
Panoramic Rear View Mirror Accept-icon-small
Rear View Camera Accept-icon-small
Strobe Light (Amber/Red) Accept-icon-small
Rear Blue Spot Light Accept-icon-small
Back-up buzzer Accept-icon-small
Ground Speed Control Accept-icon-small


Electric Controlled LPG Engine Accept-icon-small
Pedal Location (Accelerator, Brake and Inching) Accept-icon-small
Inching Pedal Accept-icon-small
Swing Out and Down LPG Cradle – Single LPG tank  Accept-icon-small
Swing Out and Down LPG Cradle – Dual LPG tank Accept-icon-small


Adjustable steering column Accept-icon-small
Integrated Instrument Panel Accept-icon-small
Easy to Service
– Integrated Electric Components (Relays and Fuses)
– Wide Hood Open Range
Full Cabin with Heater or Air-conditioner – manually tiltable Accept-icon-small
Premium Suspension Seat Accept-icon-small
Steering Wheel Knob Accept-icon-small
Power Jack Accept-icon-small


Use waterproof connectors Accept-icon-small
Dual Element Air Cleaner Accept-icon-small
Full Floating Driveaxle (w/ ODB) Accept-icon-small
Pre-Cleaner Accept-icon-small


Compliant with Emission Regulations
(Tier3 or Non-Certi)


Models and specifications

Model Unit G60S-7 G70S-7
Rated Load Capacity kg 6000 7000
Load Center mm 600 600
Overall Length to Fork Face mm 3618 3697
Truck Overall Width mm 2108 2108
Height of Overhead Guard mm 2455 2455
Minimum Turning Radius mm 3380 3430
Travel Speed, Loaded km/h 22.6 22.5
Lifting Speed, Loaded mm/s 380 380
Wheel Base mm 2300 2300
Engine Model PSI 4.3L
Rated Power of Engine kW /rpm  70/2500
Max.Torque N-m /rpm 283.9/1800
Displacements cc 4294


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Doosan G70S-7

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