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Van Riel Forklifts presents D160S-7 on Logistica


Van Riel Forklifts, located in Tilburg, The Netherlands, was this year again present on Logistica, the most important logistics fair in the Benelux, in Utrecht. All eyes were on the D160S-7, new in the Dutch market. This truck stands out due to the clean Diesel engine (which meets the highest European standards), developed by Doosan itself. The engine does not have any diesel particulate filter (DPF). “The engine provides its own combustion through a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC). The soot particles are collected and burned at the same time, which results in a very low emission: the D160S-7 is almost cleaner than a LPG truck”, according to Rutger van der Lee from Van Riel forklifts.  There is already interest for this truck from the Dutch market. Van Riel has a number of orders open, also in the lower engine class of lower capacity forklifts of 7,9 and 12 tons. This fair is the first and ideal opportunity to show the truck to the general public.

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